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Introducing Personal Finance Management Tools

Elements is proud to introduce integrated Personal Finance Management tools—a quick and easy view of all your financial information within online banking and our mobile app.

Personal Finance Management tools (PFM) offer effortless access to information like spending habits, debt, budgets, and trends revealed within your Elements accounts. You’ll have everything within one simple view, so that you can see the complete picture of where your finances stand, including other financial data, such as non-Elements account balances.

There are no extra apps to install or additional tools to learn. All of the information is presented simply within your online banking or mobile app. This makes it possible to track and understand your finances like never before, so you can more easily take the steps needed to reach your goals.

Learn more about how Personal Finance Management tools can help you turn small, simple steps into a bigger, better journey.

Banking the Way You Want It

Mobile Banking App

  • Online banking & bill pay
  • Mobile check deposit

Add our Card Control App

  • Added security for Elements credit and debit cards
  • Card lock technology
  • Card activity notifications