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Visa Gift Card

The ideal gift to give a friend or loved one.

Visa Gift Card

A safe and convenient way to send a gift.

Elements Gift CardYour gift worries are over with Elements Financial Visa® Gift Cards from Atira. A gift card is the perfect way to let a friend or family member choose whatever they want.


  • Gift cards come in denominations of $10 to $750
  • Easy to use for purchases right away
  • You can use an Elements Visa gift card anywhere Visa debit is accepted
  • A small $4.00 fee applies to each gift card purchase; volume discounts may apply to purchases of 20+ cards, so buy them for a big group, if you wish!

Buy gift cards at any Elements branch or by calling 1-800-621-2105.

I just received an Elements Visa gift card, how do I use it?

Man buying groceries with gift card

Congratulations! The Elements Visa Gift Card from Atira is a convenient way to get the gift you want at nearly any retail or online merchant.

How do I use my gift card at retail establishments?

Once you receive your Elements gift card be sure to sign the back. Then you can just start spending with it like you would any other debit card. It comes to you already activated for use. Be sure to be careful with it, it’s as good as cash. You can run your gift card as credit (without a PIN) or debit (PIN required). PIN can be set by calling 1-800-721-3978.

How do I use my gift card online or for telephone transactions?

To use your gift card online, you must first register your card at You will be able to provide your address to be used as a billing address in online and telephone transactions. Once registered, you can use the card at most online retailers.

Register my Gift Card

Can I use my gift card to pay for gas at the pump?

Man pumping gas for car.

Although an Elements gift card from Atira may work at a fuel pump, it’s recommended that you use the card inside directly with the clerk. Gas pumps may preauthorize for $75 or more. Inside the store, you can tell the clerk the exact amount you want to pay at the pump.

Can I use my gift card at a restaurant or to book a hotel room?

Friends eating dinner at a restaurant.

You can use your Elements gift card from Atira at a restaurant. Keep in mind that typically restaurants will add 20% to the amount of your bill to accommodate for a tip. To avoid a decline of your gift card, make sure you have enough funds on the card to accommodate. You can always ask to pay for part of the bill with your gift card and another part with another means of payment.

Some hotels will not allow you to reserve a room on a debit card. Your Elements gift card is a debit card. Please check with the hotel before you attempt to reserve a room with a gift card.

Where can’t I use my gift card?

Man watching streaming TV on his tablet.

You card cannot be used to obtain cash including at ATMs or through over-the-counter advances, or for any type of pre-authorized transaction, such as recurring monthly dues or fees (like recurring subscription services like cell phone service, Netflix, internet service, etc). Your gift card also may not be used for internet gambling or illegal transactions.

What if I want to buy something that costs more than the value of my card?

Man shopping for a high priced suit.

If your purchase totals more than the value of the card, you can ask the cashier to use the funds on your gift card first. Depending upon the merchant, you may be asked to provide the exact dollar amount remaining on the card. Your balance can be obtained by calling 1-800-721-3978 toll-free or by going to You can then pay the difference with cash, check, credit card, or debit card.

Check my Gift Card Balance

Can I return a purchase made with my gift card?

Woman returning purchase at a clothing store.

Store return policies may vary. You may receive a credit to your card, a cash refund, or even a store credit, depending on the particular store. A credit to your gift card account may take up to one week to process before it’s available for use.

How do I protect my card against loss, theft, or fraud?

Man fraudulently using a gift card.

Registering your card protects it so that it may be replaced in the event it is lost or stolen and will help recovery of disputed funds in case of fraud. Go to to register your card. It’s easy to do — and very important.

Register my Gift Card

Is there a fee for using my gift card?

Woman shopping at home improvement store.

There is no fee for use of your gift card. However, a $2.50 monthly service fee will be charged following 12 months of inactivity. It is recommended to use the balance of your card during the 12 months after initial card load to avoid any fees. The terms and conditions provided with the gift card contain specific details about fees.

Check my Gift Card Balance

Does my gift card have an expiration date?

Friends looking at some lotion in a store

Yes. The expiration date is on the front of your card. Be sure to use the full amount of your card before this date as your card will no longer be valid after the expiration date. You should use the entire balance of your card by the expiration date on the card.